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According to research, nearly one-quarter of people will experience mental health issues throughout their life. Two of the most common afflictions relating to mental health are depression and anxiety, two otherwise invisible conditions that have had an uphill battle when it comes to gaining respectable treatment. But there are forms of therapy that have been effective in treating depression and anxiety, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavior therapy aims to diminish negative or unpleasant thoughts, attitudes and behaviors that are common in those who are experiencing anxiety and depression through practical problem-solving and homework assignments. Through cognitive behavior therapy, clients will come to fully understand and rationalize these negative thoughts and triggers behind them, and the actual reality of the situation. It can help to present a more rational perspective to help decrease cognitive distortions.

If you would like to learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy, contact The Wise Center for DBT. Here at The Wise Center for DBT, we can help you gain back control of your life through evidence-based therapy in a compassionate setting.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Gain Back Control of Your Life with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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